Our Company
At MadAppr, we want to build great mobile apps that make people smile - it's as simple as that. Our latest creation is Puppygram, a fun new way to send greetings from your iPhone or iPod Touch.
Meet The Team
Kevin Fleming
Founding Partner
At MadAppr, I am able to focus on three key passions: entrepreneurship, creative thinking and mobile technology. My main mission is to drive the creative side of the development process. Each day is destined to present a new challenge, making my role at MadAppr extremely rewarding.
John Hashem
Founding Partner
As a self-proclaimed technology geek, being able to write applications for my favorite devices is more fun than it is a job. As I recently obtained my Master's Degree in Computer Engineering, I handle the technical side to our app development. I manage the creation of scalable, robust platforms to power our beautifully designed apps.
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